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The Green Room with Action Bronson

action b

Rock the Bells artist Action Bronson sat down with for their latest installment of The Green Room where he talked about his favorite show highlights from 2013 and shares what tour life is like.

Before the show, Bronsolino mentions that he likes a calm vibe before performing.

“I really like a relaxed atmosphere. I’m not a fucking crazy guy. I’m crazy maybe afterwards, or spontaneously, but it’s too normal for there to be mad motherfuckers in the dressing room, and for it to be a scene. I don’t like scenes. I like to set the scene.”

If you think Bronson still smokes weed, you’re wrong.

“I stopped smoking weed totally. I stopped inhaling smoke, so my voice would be good and I wouldn’t be shitty. I was getting sick off the blunts. I’m G Pen-ing it, and I’m off the Titanium now, the Highly Educated products a good friend of mine is making. My man Task makes all the Titanium products, and all the things that go on to the bong. The Nail, the dabber, and all the shit like that.

“It’s a new wave. Fuck weed. You smell like weed after you smoke that shit, you get pulled over. G Pen, I smoke it on the plane and no one says a thing to me. I bring it through customs, I bring it everywhere, [wax] and all that. They don’t even look twice at it.”

Bam Bam then speaks about his set list.

“I get bored with doing the same set list over and over again. So I like to mix it up. I pay my DJ well, and he really doesn’t do much work. He goes on free vacations and gets to hang out with me all day. So I force him to do one hour of work, and that means come to the hotel room, and knock out a set with me before we do anything. So pretty much we’re just sitting there, fucking around, smoking weed or whatever, he’s smoking cigarettes. That’s the work I force him to do. That’s when the set is made. Then I might say right before we go on, ‘Listen, switch it to the Montreal set.’ I just have certain sets in my mind that really went well for me, that I really liked. And he’ll be like, ‘Oh, fuck.’ And he’ll have to do it. [Laughs.]”

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