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Kendrick Lamar Bullet Magazine Freestyle


Rock the Bells artist and Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar freestyled while at his photo shoot with Bullett magazine. In the cover story, Kendrick tells us about how he was able to create his own voice in rap.

“When a kid starts to rap, he’s basically mimicking his favorite rapper,” Lamar says. “I thought Jay was tight, I thought Pac was tight, also Em and Snoop. Who wouldn’t want to pen their raps after Jay-Z? But as you gain more of a passion for the music, it eventually manifests into your own unique voice.”

He even speaks on how hard it was to not be involved in gangs, “The escape was mental,” says Lamar, who eventually quit the city that molded him. “It’s not necessarily about going to New York or Atlanta. It’s saying, You won’t trap me. I can do something positive with myself.”

Don’t miss Black Hippy this summer at Rock the Bells!