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Immortal Technique On The Zimmerman Trial


Rock the Bells artist Immortal Technique took to Twitter to discuss the infamous Zimmerman trial verdict. Immortal compares the trial to the OJ Simpson trial and sheds light on another Florida case that shows race’s role in law.

“And that’s what this case was always about. The evidence was always muddy. It was about who you believed. Trayvon was dead he couldn’t tell his side. But those of you who believed Zimmerman was innocent, cannot tell me if the roles were reversed it would be the same. Because at the end of the day you’re not stupid. You’re just stubborn. And wrong. But not according to the an all white-all jury in Southern Georgia as my friends call Florida sometimes. I am saddened by this case. But also shocked.”

This is a very controversial issue and Immortal is not the only one that has voiced his opinion on this matter. What are your thoughts on this?

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