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Get To Know Snow Tha Product!

Rock the Bells artist Snow tha Product sat down with our media partner, Hip Hop DX and spoke about her re-release of Good Nights & Bad Mornings: The Hangover which features Tech N9ne, Lupe Fiasco and others.

The San Jose native speaks about life before signing to Atlantic, how she got her name, and even her first experience with Hip Hop.

“When I listened to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. It was around the time when I had a job, and I would ride the bus with some headphones on…to hear it; it’s like a movie in your head. I just heard her actually saying something at a time when I didn’t have anybody really givin’ me advice. When I saw that void, I thought maybe I could do that—at least in the Latin community and for Latin girls. I’ve gone through a lot of stuff that they go through, and even if I don’t get super world famous, at least I know I will have that place in some people’s lives.”

DX: What’s it like being a Latina in Hip Hop? Does it matter to you?

“People forget that Latinos have been in this Rap thing since the beginning. Kid Frost is an OG as far as Latinos in Hip Hop go. I love B-Real in Cypress Hill and Cuban Link is dope. Mellow Man Ace spoke Spanish on a track and made it work. We have our own thing going, but Latinos make it relatable to everyone, and it doesn’t exclude anyone. I honestly listened to Big Pun the most, but obviously South Park Mexican repped hard for Mexicans. Latin folks have been involved in Hip Hop since the start, so I don’t understand why people get so shocked that some Mexican chick is really goin’ hard in it. Sometimes they are like, “Who is this girl? What is she reppin’?” We have the same struggles. I’m just bringing a different perspective to it. I think it’s awesome ‘cause you got people like Pitbull that are doin’ it big. Going Mr. Worldwide and shit. It’s cool to see that as far as Pop music goes, people can’t forget he was really spittin’ hard on his earlier stuff.”

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